Beyond the Mailboxes

Kristen’s entire world exists within her apartment, but when her sister asks her for a favor she’ll have to venture beyond the mailbox.

This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2017.

Directed by: Alyssa Carroll
Written by: Lindsey Esplin
Produced by: Ariana Sigel
Cinematography by: Matthew Tompkins
Edited by: Emily Freund

Original Music Written by: Zoë Lustri

Natalie D’Amico as Kristen Cheevers
Caroline Lacy as Ashley Cheevers
Emma Klein as Dr. Rosenblum
Rachel Leigh Moore as Becca
Camra Godwin as Parking Attendant

Associate Producer: Cara Cattaggio
Assistant Director: Kevin Szemis
Sound Recordist: Jedy Xu
Production Designer: Emily Freund
Script Supervisor: Nikki Heyward
Assistant Editor: Erin St. Pierre

Special Thanks:
Colin Sherman
The Dover Studios
Issac Park
Noah’s Bagels
simplethings Burbank