I am a producer, post production professional, and photographer. Originally from Connecticut, I got involved with my middle school’s small TV station at age twelve and I realized that making media could actually be a career that would make good use of my imagination, natural hilarity, and organizational skills. This lead me to Emerson College where I became involved with The Emerson Channel, Emerson Independent Video, and The EVVY Awards. Other than on-campus organizations I was involved with Anime Boston, The Northeast’s Largest Anime Convention, for three years as Live Video Production Staff.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Media Arts: Studio Television Production, I most recently I was a producer and co-founder of Pixstaff Media, LLC where I wrote and produced a short called Where We Left Off. I collaborated with two friends from college and managed to produce several other shorts and a web pilot. In addition, when I was at Fox Broadcasting Company, I directed voice over talent to produce on air billboards for primetime television. I jokingly say to others that my greatest accomplishment was not graduating college but managing to get a star wipe on national television. 

In 2017, I joined The West Coast Singers: The LGBTQ+ Chorus of Los Angeles. I noticed that we had social media, but weren’t using it at all. I volunteered to help. I took over the marketing/PR team with a friend and we completely overhauled it. We have raised engagements on all levels and I have been been producing content for them, including co-producing a segment that aired on ABC7’s virtual pride parade.

When I am not working, I spend my time cooking, hanging with my cat Archer, singing, writing music, playing video and board games, watching an obscene amount of media, traveling, and photography.