I am a 25-year-old producer, post production coordinator, and production coordinator. Originally from Connecticut, I got involved with my middle school’s small TV station at age twelve and I realized that making media could actually be a career that would make good use of my imagination, natural hilarity, and organizational skills. This lead me to Emerson College where I became involved with The Emerson Channel, Emerson Independent Video, and The EVVY Awards. Other than on-campus organizations I was involved with Anime Boston, The Northeast’s Largest Anime Convention, for three years as Live Video Production Staff.

My passions lie in making media and photography. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Media Arts: Studio Television Production, I am now working at Fox Broadcasting Company as well as producing short films on the side through a small production company I co-founded called Pixstaff Media, LLC. Previously, I studied at Emerson College’s Los Angeles program and interned for The Jim Henson Company. In college, I co-produced Emerson Independent Video’s longest running entertainment television show called The Dish which I helped grow from a live-to-tape production to a live production. I co-pioneered Emerson Independent Video’s first international series, Beyond The Moat, which subsequently landed my first EVVY nomination and win.

I worked as technical support staff in the school’s television facilities for a year and a half and strive to learn more about how television and technology can come together to create something great. The thrill of working in the studio is exactly the same feeling I had when I was twelve; it’s an adrenaline rush and sensation I have not found anywhere else. I love media of all genres and want to continue being part of the creative process. I don’t know exactly where or what I’ll be in five years, I just hope to be working in the industry that fueled my imagination 15 years ago.

When I am not working, I spend my time cooking, hanging with my cat Archer, going to Disneyland, writing, playing video and board games, watching an obscene amount of television, and photography.